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The Farnham & District Museum Society aims to support the Museum of Farnham and is concerned with the History, Archaeology, Natural History and other matters of interest in Farnham and the surrounding area.  

The Society presents a series of lectures through the winter and publishes a Quarterly Journal covering aspects of local interest, occasional publications and holds seminars at the museum.


If you require specific information about the history of Farnham and its people or the museum and its collections then please contact the museum directly through their website,  by email or by phone on 01252 715094.

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On Saturday 19th October more than 100 people attended an open day at the museum’s Garden Gallery, when it launched the latest of its publications – The Town of Farnham by Pat Heather.


Representatives from many of Farnham’s various societies were present alongside town mayor Pat Evans and deputy mayor of Waverley, Penny Marriott, and her consort.



More details can found in the Publications pages.



Recent Updates:




07/02/2020 - New Publication

27/11/2019 - Change to Talk on 20th February 2020

09/11/2019 - New publications - Town of Farnham in 4 volumes

01/10/2019 - Minor corrections

28/09/2019 - Change to Talk on 10th October

04/06/2019 - Full programme for the 2019/2020 talks




Willmer House, West Street.
Now the Museum of Farnham.
Drawing by J.G Garratt 1965