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If you have any queries about any aspects of the Farnham & District Museum Society then please contact the relevant committee member of the society below.

F&DMS President and Committee

The tables below list our president and the committee members with their contact details.


F&DMS President

Role Name Telephone Email
President D. Graham 01420 472761 president@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Vice President Vacant    

F&DMS Committee
Committee Role Name Telephone Email
Chairman Roy Waight   chairman@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Treasurer R.Williams   treasurer@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Minutes Secretary A. Arathoon 01252 723025 secretary@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Membership C. Fitzgerald 01252 315711 membership@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Journal Editor P. Minett 01252 721576 journal@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Talks H. Michel 01252 794223 talks@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Publications P. Minett 01252 721576 publicationsl@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
  G. Picken 01252 658124  
Museum of Farnham
(ex officio)
Lauren Wayland 01252 715094 museum@farnhammaltings.com
Website P. West website@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk
Press and Publicity Tricia Knight  press_pub@farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk