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Abstract for “Alice Holt A Brief History”

This is the first overview of the history of Alice Holt in a single volume. Roy Waight has written a comprehensive history of Alice Holt Forest, drawing information from a wide range of sources to outline the events that shaped it and the people who lived in and around it. The book starts millions of years BC with the formation of the geology of southern Britain and moves through time to the birch woods of 8,000 years ago, then centuries of clearance and replanting up to the present forest.


Useful time charts summarise the history to the current day. Maps and other illustrations are given throughout the book. A glossary helps decipher technical terms. The book is enhanced by stories of the many characters and verses from poets who have been inspired by Alice Holt. It is a good read, full of interesting facts that illuminate both the story of the forest and the history of southern England.