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Abstract for “The History of Farnham Park”

Farnham Park is known to many as just “The Park”, but was purchased in 1930 as a green space and recreation area for Farnham.  Its rich history goes back to a time when it was a medieval deer park for the bishops of Winchester residing in Farnham Castle.  Its undulating landscape of small woods, open fields, ponds and streams, hide secrets of human activity from the Stone Age through to the Home Guard installations of WWII.  Continuing archaeological work is revealing much information about the skirmishes in the Park in 1634 during the Civil War.

Since 1974 the Park has been managed by Waverley Borough Council, assisted by a band of volunteers called the Friends of Farnham Park.  The Introduction to the book is written by Ron Hills who was Park Ranger at the time of publication.

The author has included mini-biographies of the bishops who were its custodians for many centuries. 

The book of 120 pages is provided with 98 illustrations, many in colour, an index, and a glossary.