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Abstract for “Five Farnham Houses”

The author looks at five houses located in the ancient parish of Farnham.

Two are in the town:-
      No's. 30-31 Lower Church Lane.
      Ivy House.
The others out in the country:-
    Moor Park.
    Weybourne House.
    The Grange.

They were at the peak of their splendour at different periods over three centuries: no's 30-31 in the late 16th C, Moor Park in the middle 17th C, Ivy House at the turn of the 18th C, and Weybourne House and the Grange in the early 18th C.

The histories of the houses are truly the histories of those who owned them: their character,  prosperity, and status in the town, and are set against what can be seen in the fabric of the buildings today.

The book of 97 pages is provided with 58 illustrations ( many in colour ), an index, and a glossary.