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THE TOWN OF FARNHAM: Four volumes, all written by Pat Heather, reflecting the historic administration divisions of the town and the area around it, each volume is a stand-alone history of that part of the town of Farnahm.



The amount of material accumulated meant that the work had to be divided into four volumes – each of which is a stand-alone history of a particular part of the town and the area surrounding it, reflecting the original historic administration areas of the town: The Borough and Castle Street; East Street; West Street; and Church Lanes, Downing Street and the town south of the River Wey.


Based on primary sources such as the Bishop of Winchester’s Pipe Rolls, parish records, censuses, property deeds and local wills, Pat has been able to describe the development of each plot in the historic town, with secondary sources like newspaper reports and personal recollections adding local colour.


Each book has more than 200 pages and is illustrated with many maps and plans drawn by the author and includes a considerable number of black and white photographs.




t1A HISTORY OF THE BOROUGH & CASTLE STREET  This book covers the medieval borough and includes Nos. 32-36 Downing Street as they were located within the bounds of the borough. (2019, 228 pages A4)

  This book covers the eastern arm of the town.  Originally Dogflud Street, its name changed in the mid-19th century. Nos. 18-25 The Borough are included in this book as they were actually in Dogflud Street and outside the medieval bounds of the borough.  (2019, 226 pages A4)

A HISTORY OF WEST STREET This book covers the western arm of the town.  (2019, 224 pages A4)

A HISTORY OF CHURCH LANES, DOWNING STREET & SOUTH OF THE RIVER   This book covers Church Lanes, Downing Street, and part of the town south of the River Wey.  This was the centre of the town before the creation of the medieval borough.  (2019, 214 pages A4)

The books are available directly from Peter Minett, contact as for our other books, or from The Museum of Farnham and the Farnham branch of Waterstones