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The tables below list our publications, to see a picture of the cover of a book and a short abstract please click on the book title below.

Details on how to purchase our books are at the bottom of the page.

   Table 1 - F&DMS Publications
  Title Author / Editor Publish Date Pages Price Postage & Packing * Abstract
1 A Rose in Picardy  Gwen Ware  1984  43pp  £1.00 £2.00  The diaries of a Farnham nurse in France 1916-1918
2 Farnham in the Civil War and the Commonwealth
 Laurence Spring and Derek Hall 2002 63pp £5.00 £2.00  A historical review 1642-1649
A Childhood on Hungry Hill Jean Cole
2006  55pp  £5.00 £2.00 A personal reminiscence of life in Upper Hale, Farnham.
4 Five Farnham Houses  Pat Heather  2007  97pp £13.00 £2.00 The story of their land, buildings, and people. Chapters on Ivy House, Weybourne House, The Grange, Moor Park, and 30-31 Church Lane.. 
5 Andrew Windsor’s Almshouses Pat Heather 2008  108pp £13.00 £2.00  A history of the almshouses in Castle Street, “Erected in 1620 for the Habitation and Relief of Eight Poor Honest and Impotent Persons”, and still run by their founder’s charitable trust.
6 A History of Farnham Park Pat Heather  2009 120pp £15.00 £2.00  Enclosed as a deer park in 1374 for the bishops of Winchester, the 300-acre park today is managed by Waverley Borough Council for the recreation of the people of Farnham.
7 Death in Victorian Farnham Brigid Fice 2010 160pp £18.00 £2.00  An investigation into mortality and life expectancy in the mid-19th century.
8 Father Robo’s Farnham Rosemary Wisbey  July 2010  68pp £10.00 £2.00  The story of the author of the book “Medieval Farnham”.
9 A Question of Faith Pat Heather
 October 2010  126pp £15.00 £2.00  A history of religious dissent in Farnham from the 15th century.
10 Farnham – A Memoir of the Artist Marshall Barnes Anne Pullinger & Peter Minett  April 2013  27pp £5.00 £2.00 A new presentation of drawings and text by Marshall Barnes which offers a memoir of the artist, who is still little known in Farnham.
St Polycarp’s Catholic School - 
The Bear Lane Years 1891 -1962
Tricia Knight  October 2013 70pp £10.00 £2.00 The story of the first Catholic school in Farnham
Surrounded by Hops
Cathie Fitzgerald  September 2014 183pp £17.00 £2.00 The Knight family of Farnham - The definitive history of a family that has had a huge effect on town life over generations.
Old Julius
John Birch and Roy Waight  June 2015 166pp £17.00 £2.00 The Rev. Henry Richard Julius, his Background, Life, and Achievements in Wrecclesham and Rowledge"

Hop Growing and its Decline in the Parish of Farnham

Valerie D. O’Rourke  September 2015 62pp £6.00 £2.00 The work was researched for a thesis during the 1970s, and is reprinted in this publication with period illustrations. A new post-script has been added to cover the recent revival of hop growing in Farnham.

Women in Farnham & its villages 1200 - 1900

Pat Heather  January 2017 222pp £10.00 £3.00 The lives of women in Farnham and its surrounding villages is analysed against the background of their role in the community and society over six centuries.

Alice Holt

Roy Waight  January 2018 160pp £15.00 £3.00 The first overview of the history of Alice Holt in a single volume.

The Town of Farnham

 (4 volumes)

Pat Heather  October 2019   £10/vol £5.50/vol
£10 for 4
The four volumes reflect the historic administration divisions of the town and the area around it, each volume a stand-alone history of that part of the town.

The Reformation and its Effects on Farnham

Rt Rev Christopher Herbert  February 2020 216pp £10 £3.00 The book tells of the break of the church and state  in England from Rome, and the establishment of the Church of England with the monarch as its Head.

Farnham Castle

Roy Waight  May 2020 250pp £10 £5.50 A book full of absorbing details of the castle we all think we know.

Farnham in the Great War

Maurice Hewins  Sep 2020 202pp £10 £3.00 A detailed history, exclusive to Farnham’s role in the Great War years
21 The Abbey in the Winding Meadow Waverley 1128-1536 Rt Rev Christopher Herbert July 2021 193pp £10 £3.00 A fresh look at our well-loved local ruin, Waverley Abbey
22 Art in the Community Roy Waight and Sue Farrow June 2022 88pp £13.99 £3.00 Putting Farnham's public art in its historical context
23 Invaders and Settlers: Romans and Saxons in Farnham Rt Rev Christopher Herbert Oct 2022 177pp £10 £3.00 The book provides a new and up-to-date narrative about the Farnham area in Roman and Saxon times.

*   The above postage rates are all 2nd Class, and based on the latest Royal Mail leaflet


Note: Death in Victorian Farnham is currently out of print and we have no copies left.




   Table 2 - Museum/F&DMS Publications

  Title Author / Editor Publish Date Pages Price Abstract
A  John Verney - A Retrospective Liz May  October 2013    £6  An illustrated catalogue of the paintings and painted furniture by John Verney used in the Museum exhibition




All titles are on sale at the Museum of Farnham in West Street. A selection are also available from the Rural Life Centre and Waterstones bookshop (the price may vary from the above).


Books in table 1 are also available from the address below.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘Farnham & District Museum Society’.


They are also be available by post from the above address. Please add the postage shown to the costs of each book.